Biometric access control systems is one of the hot topics of today’s world.  Companies spend more and more money in order to protect their valuable assets. Regular people also need enhanced forms of security. Traditional password methods for protection of entrance areas to buildings and homes are prone to  attacks.The focus has been shifting towards more advanced forms of authentication. The use of biometric authentication has been added as a security feature to numerous systems.

Its use has increased in popularity during the last few years, benefiting from a mass implementation of biometric authentication methods in mobile devices (namely laptops and smartphones), such as fingerprint readers and/or built-in cameras. 

Determining what constitutes human identity is evolving. Biometrics can be readily applied to the same niches currently using access control systems. 


  • Currently in its infancy, voice verification will increase in use due to its advantage of incorporating existing infrastructure. It is the only biometrics technology that can be used over telecommunications’ networks. 
  • A passive technology that requires no effort by the user, face recognition will grow rapidly due to surveillance and monitoring. It is also predicted to make a mark in the travel industry. 

  • Difficult to Override  Unlike door locks with keys, a fingerprint keypad door lock can’t be override by any person unless he or she can use our fingers to prove the print for an easy access. Conventional door locks are quite easy to open especially by people who are good at lock picking. This is among the best type of security system in areas that are prone to robberies as it will provide quality defense against any type of intrusion.

    Cost Effective – Although it is quite expensive in terms of initial investment, this type of door lock is cost effective in the long run. Unlike the common types of locks, a fingerprint keypad door lock does not easily break down especially those that are made from quality materials and manufactured by well-known companies.

    UserFriendly – The door lock system does not require any complicated mechanism or stuffs that will dishearten many people as it can be used in a very simple way.

biometric access control systems
biometric access control systems

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  • Warren Alexander Munro says :

    Is the magnetic door lock unit durable in a tough outdoor environment?

    1. admin says :

      Thank you for your inquiry. There are different models suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Prices will vary. The outdoor locks are Teflon coated, marine grade, with saltwater environment deadbolt. You may have seen some of these installed at the local harbour at areas where entry is controlled to access private yachts and so forth. If you would like a quote for an outdoor unit, please use our contact form and we will reply as soon as we receive your details.

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