What is a biometric door lock?Well a biometric door lock is also known as a fingerprint door lock. These locks offer modern day security measures for the home or business. This technology uses your fingerprint as an access control system.This makes them more secure and convenient than traditional door locks.

Fingerprint door locks have been available to consumers for many years as advanced luxury devices.However, they are  more affordable today and are no longer considered to be a luxury device. Nowadays a business owner or homeowner can install a lock with ease and no extra costs are involved. 

Advantages Of Using Biometric Security :

Fingerprints are unique to every individual. This fact makes these locks accessible only to the people who are authorized by the software.The device can never be hacked.This makes duplication or access to personal information impossible. Furthermore fingerprint door locks are not easy to steal. 

How Does A Biometric Door lock Work ?

Biometric technology uses human traits as a access control system. The characteristics unique to an individual’s fingerprint are saved as an encrypted key in the device. The output of the scanner system relies on its ability to


  1. Take an image of the finger and;
  2. Match the image pattern to that of pre-scanned images.


biometric door lock


The device stores the information in the form of binary codes.

Fingerprint locks can be programmed to recognize multiple users. This gives more control of who has access privileges.It is like a lock rekeying but is easier, convenient and free.

These locks possess master keys or codes as a backup for keypad malfunction or if it is not able to recognize someone’s fingerprint.

One of the most convenient features of keyless door locks is that you don’t have to worry about locking up behind you. Quality devices come with automatic locking mechanisms that completely lock doors after each time the door has been closed. So when you leave the house or office, the door locks behind you. You can also rest assured that you’re secured behind locked doors when you are home alone or staying late at the office. 

Biometric locks sound complicated, but they are not. Samsung locks are made to accommodate every member of your family or staff. Customers from the elderly to children and disabled individuals, can use these digital door locks with ease. In case there’s any doubt, an illustrated user’s guide comes with every device.





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