Keyless Locks for the Disabled

Keyless Door Locks Opening New Doors For The Disabled Community


Technology has quickly become the best friend of people within the disabled community.With innovations such as personal navigation systems, advanced wheelchair capabilities, and robotic arms, the world has become a rainbow of possibilities for the disabled community. Keyless door locks such as the Yale Z- Wave offers increased peace of mind for disabled people.


Yale Z-Wave
Yale Z-Wave



These innovative locks ensure that handicapped people can function and participate in the greater society and workforce.


Smart electronic door locks give disabled people the following advantages:


  • Instead of turning a key, you can open the front door lock with a simple remote control or via your smartphones.


  • You can give others access to your home without being disturbed. This can be a major factor if emergency staff members, workers, or visitors need to get in but you are asleep, hurt, or unavailable for other reasons.


The Z-Wave deadbolt lock combines a highly secure lockset with an elegant electronic interactive touchscreen. Disabled Individuals can access their homes effortlessly with manual or remote control.


Designed for easy integration with any Z-Wave product. A disabled person can monitor the status of his device and usage through a central controller. Voice-guided programming makes set up very easy.


Connect Your Yale Z-Wave to other Smart Devices:


If you’re looking for maximum flexibility in connecting your smart lock to your home’s other smart devices, the Yale smart lock is a good choice. The lock features the luxury look of other high-end Yale locks.  


Yale lock Added Benefits


Most of the keypad door locks on the market come with their own deadbolts.This keypad door lock works with an existing deadbolt. Therefore there is no need to worry about changing the deadbolt. So installation is easy.


The Z-Wave lock by Yale is defintely one of the most advanced smart locks on the market today. In our expert opinion it scores high on the user friendly scale without compromising technological benefits. It is truly a blessing for those individuals with disabilities. 

disabled community
disabled community


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