For years, commercial buildings and hotels have been using electronic locking systems with access via keypad, keyfob or keycard. Now, keyless electronic locks for the home are becoming more affordable and widely available. Residential deadbolts with keypads have been around for a few years, and today’s high-tech locking systems include touch sensors and automation features accessed with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
How does a electronic smart lock
Yale Z-Wave

How do electronic door locks work?

In a keyed lock, also called a pin tumbler lock, the key turns pins inside the lock cylinder to engage or disengage the lock. Electronic door locks use actuators to connect the cylinder to a small motor inside the door or door frame. The motor is activated by a keypad, wireless remote control, or electronic card reader, which then opens or closes the lock.

Most electronic smart locks can be installed in place of a standard deadbolt, and installation usually takes less time than a traditional lock. You can add keyless locks to your home’s exterior doors and garage door.

With electronic door locks, you don’t have to dig for your keys when you come home with an armload of groceries. And, there’s no need to worry about physical keys getting lost, and then having to change locks or have them rekeyed. Instead, you simply change an entry code, often with your smartphone or online. Most home electric door locks have a physical locking control as an emergency backup in case of a power failure, and to use when setting up the system.

Home automation

Many smart locks come with Bluetooth capability and smartphone apps that give you remote access and the ability to set up automatic controls. You can get notifications when someone enters or leaves your house. Furthermore in the event of any emergency you can unlock your doors remotely to allow fire, police or medical personnel to access your home.

The August Smart Lock enables you to create virtual keys for your guests. When you’re away from home, you can allow anyone you trust with access to your home.

Kevo by Kwikset is a Bluetooth smartkey system that can be linked to the Nest smart thermostat, telling it when you leave and come home each day. The thermostat then automatically calculates the idea times for raising and lowering the temperature in your house in order to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

Yale touchscreen deadboltsAugust Smart Lock, and the Schlage Sense deadbolt can be integrated with automated home control services. These systems allow you to remotely monitor and control your home’s lighting, thermostat, security systems, garage doors, and now entry door locks.

Image Source: Goji Smart Locks

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