How Does a Fingerprint Door Lock Work?

A fingerprint door lock allows users access via a variety of methods or combinations of methods. Some options interact with your home’s security system through your home WiFi network. You can lock your home via phone app from your bed or even over the internet while on vacation. Other options use programmable passcodes to grant access. Only approved users possess the passcode to gain access. Some options operate via Bluetooth connection through a software application on a smart device such as a cell phone or tablet. When authorized users approach, the signal from their smart device or key fob activates the lock, granting access.




Each type of fingerprint door lock has its own application that allows the user to control various options. These can range from simple programmable keypads to fingerprint scanner door locks. These locks can also grant access to specific people at specific times and days. Some can even monitor who comes and goes from the home during specific times.

Time Attendance Fingerprint Scanners :

Fingerprint door lock + Time Attendance Terminal :Suitable for the entrances and exits of apartment, multi-family houses, office, factory, hotel, school, etc.

Password Touch Screen Door Locks :



  • Made of zinc alloy material. Anti- corrosion and weather resistant.
  • Password touch screen.
  • You can input up to 32 digits.
  • Hidden mechanical keyhole, can unlock the door in emergency.
  • Alarm function, when the door is not locked.
  • Low voltage alarm function, if the voltage is insufficient.
  • You can set up 50 opening passwords.

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