Facts About Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprint Locks Can Save Lives

One interesting fact about fingerprint door locks is that they save lives.  Thieves looking to break into properties by picking a door lock  shy away from biometric doors. This is because fingerprint door locks are impossible to pick or over ride.

Fingerprint Storage Capacity

Storage capacity for most fingerprint locks is between 50-300 unique fingerprints.

How do you open the door?

Every fingerprint door lock is different, but a majority of them have three ways you can go about opening the door: mechanical key override, keypad-code, and fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader is the most common one for households because of the many users it can allow to enter the property without the need to cut many spare keys.

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Ever lose your keys and can’t unlock your front door? Ever resort to crawling through an unlocked window to get into your locked house and hope the neighbors don’t call the police? Well, I have and it’s not fun breaking into your own house.

Kwikset comes to the rescue with a fingerprint reader lock for doors.  Kwikset, one of America’s leading door lock companies, has developered this new keyless lock that scans your fingerprint and unlocks the door. Unlike keys, you never lose your fingers, right? Unless of course Jack Bauer from 24 cuts them off to acquire some crucial information he needs to kill those pesky terrorists. 

The Kwikset biometric lock can be programmed with up to 50 different fingerprints, and has different security levels and “lock out” features. It is powered by four AA batteries, which will last for over one year under normal use. The lock signals ahead of time when batteries need to be replaced. It includes your traditional keyhole — handy for when you have gloves on or the batteries die.

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