Fingerprint Padlocks

We all remember the days of the padlock. When they were first available, they presented a great way to keep your belongings safe. They were common with lockers at school, with just about every locker having one. Padlocks were easy to open as well; all you needed was the combination. Once you had the combination, all it took was three clockwise turns, two counterclockwise, and once last clockwise turn to hit the final number and open the padlock.

fingerprint padlock

Although the combination padlock was popular for it’s time, people soon began to realize what happened when they forgot the combination. Combination padlocks were great for those who had a sharp memory although sooner or later forgetting the combination was bound to happen. Once the combination had been lost, a pair of bolt cutters would be  required in order to cut the lock.

Shortly after the combination padlock came the lock and key padlock. Padlocks that required a key were much easier to use, requiring no combination. All you had to do was keep the key with you at all times and you had no worries about the padlock. If you ended up losing the key however, you would need to cut the lock. To prevent losing the key, most people chose to put the padlock key on their key ring or wear it on a necklace around their neck.


Electronic Fingerprint Padlock

The most popular type of padlock today is an electronic padlock. The Fingeprint padlock Lock is rated the best out of all classes of paldocks. 

fingerprint padlock

You have more than likely examined your hands a number of times and noticed the ridges and valley pattern on every finger and thumb. Human fingerprints are very hard to mimic. This makes them ideal for individual identity purposes. The latest fingerprint padlock technology can recognize and distinguish fingerprints installed in its memory. 

Once you place your finger onto the scanner for the first time, the fingerprint template is saved. The next time when you place your finger on the sensor, it matches the data obtained through the finger with the pre-saved markers. If a match is found, access is granted and the padlock will be unlocked. On the other hand, if someone else tries to unlock it and the fingerprint values aren’t the same the padlock will not be unlocked.

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