Fingerprint Door Locks 

Shop for fingerprint door locks, biometric door lock technology and electronic key-less locks. There is a range of fingerprint door locks  for commercial and domestic applications. If after reading through this page and you are still unsure which smart lock to purchase please check out our blog pages for more information. 

fingerprint door locks

fingerprint door locks are an easy way to increase the security of your home or rental property. You can allow access for a service technician without leaving instructions for a hidden key. Furthermore you can change codes or passkeys to allow rental guests limited-time access. Family or friends can enter your home to feed the fish or check the pipes. And, no more fumbling for keys while standing in the rain or cold. Some smart locks can sense your approach and immediately grant you access.

Why Should You Install Fingerprint Door Locks

The most compelling reason for installing a fingerprint lock or biometric lock is improved security. You won’t have to worry about thieves “jimmying” the pins in a traditional keyed lock to gain silent entry to your home or property. Most smart door locks don’t use keys; and the options that do allow a traditional key for entry are not easily defeated like traditional locks.


Moreover,double-sided keyless entry locks prevent access from both directions except for authorized users. This gives property managers an extra layer of security for access to swimming pools,busy streets,or other dangerous areas without proper supervision.


Also another reason for installing keyless entry locks is convenient control of access. Because keyless locks use a pin code or digital passkey, codes can be changed online or at the lock itself and can even be programmed for a set time limit. So no more meeting to switch keys with incoming or outgoing guests, or to grant access to contractors or service personnel.


fingerprint door locks


Yet another reason to install a biometric door lock in your home or property is that it prevents annoying lock-outs. Family members or guests gain access via a simple security code. Property managers can grant access remotely if guests forget the access code.


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