Electronic Door lock Keyless Password Fingerprint Scanner

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Door Technology.


Electronic Door Lock Features:

Electronic door lock single latch mortise,easy for installation.

High sensitive fingerprint optial sensor.

Zinc alloy lock body.

Support password, fingerprint, mechanical key to open door.

Password protect function you can input many digits before and after your code to open the door.


Power supply:4.5V-6.5V

Typical Static Current:<20 microamp

Working current:<200mA

Capacity of opening fingerprint or card:<=100pcs

Capacity of opening password:<=10 sets


Mortise available:single bolt/standard 4 bolts

Working temperature:-20℃~70℃

Storage temperature:-25℃~125℃



The foundation of any solid physical security detection solution starts at the perimeter and focuses first on the door or entrance and egress areas, and that means some type of access control.


Fingerprint scanner door locks are highly recommended as home and business security solutions. One of the advantages to installing and using fingerprint scanner door locks is because fingerprints cannot be copied.


Added Benefits :


Homeowners are often getting locked out of their house, mostly from their own negligence. Fingerprint scanner door locks guarantee that you can get back into your home using your fingerprint. Therefore there  is no need to worry about carrying and losing a key.


Most door scanner door locks allow you to use a key as a back up feature. Please consult with the supplier before you purchase any door lock as not all models offer the same facilities. Furthermore as regards installation, some users have opted for having a professional install their biometric door lock for them, while others have been able to figure it out themselves.


Biometric technology is very easy to use. By scanning an employee’s or home owners fingerprints , the print is read and programmed. Most noteworthy is the fact that the fingerprint can be deleted at any time by the homeowner or business owner. 


If you own a company and your organisation depends on keys and you are interested in looking at other options for key safe management solutions to your business click here. 



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