Universal Fingerprint Door Lock With Password Control

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Smart Door Lock Features:

1) Smart door lock fits most doors.
2) Suitable for families, apartments, schools, hospitals , disabled people and so on.
3) Made of zinc alloy, fire protection, anti-theft and anti-corrosion.
4) C level lock core, anti-theft technical support, more secure.
5) FPC fingerprint sensor recognition technology, recognition time ≤ 0.5 s, FRR ≤0.01%.
6) High capacity for storing 200 sets of fingerprints, and password anti-peeping technology, for example: you can enter **** 4520 ****, (if your password is 4520).
7) Non-authorized fingerprint trial and error 5 times will start unlocking.
8) Free handle to lock or open the door, lift up for secondary locking and press down to open the door.
9) Panel with emergency B level anti-theft lock core keyhole, emergency charging.


Added Benefits Of  The Smart Door Lock :

Homeowners are often getting locked out of their house, mostly from their own negligence. The Smart Door Lock guarantees that you can get back into your home using your fingerprint. There is no need to worry about carrying and losing a key.

Smart Lock

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