DL580 Ultraloq Bluetooth Door Lock

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The Ultraloq is one of the best smart locks on the market.

DL580 Ultraloq Features:

  • DL580 Ultraloq advanced Fingerprint Identification
  • Anti-peep Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Connectivity
  • Battery-operated (3x AA ~ Up to One Year Lifespan)
  • Solid and Resistant (IP65 rated)
  • Intuitive OLED Display
  • Hidden Backup Key
  • Knock or Shake your phone to Open
  • Sense-on: Auto activates when your finger is in close proximity to the reader
  • Interchangeable handle orientation
  • Single Australian-standard size latch:
    Retrofits in place of standard knob locks
  • Three locking modes: Auto relock, privacy lockout and free passage
  • Unlocking methods: Bluetooth, Fingerprint, Code, Override Key
  • Internal handle is permanently unlocked from inside, in case of emergency

The dl580 Ultraloq is Weather-resistance


In addition the DL580 is completely waterproof and dustproof
it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Lock dimensions:

89 x 160 x 178mm (front panel)
84 x 160 x 178mm (back panel)

Handle protrusion: 45mm


The foundation of any solid physical security detection solution starts at the perimeter and focuses first on the door or entrance and egress areas, and that means some type of access control.


There are just a couple of things that you should keep in mind while getting a fingerprint based door locking system installed.


First of all, make sure that it has a keypad or a mechanical key slot. This will make sure that in case the system is unable to recognize your fingerprints for some reasons, say a cut or even a power failure, you have an alternative way to get in.


Also, locks made of tough brass or steel are recommended over aluminum since they cannot be broken using a crowbar and back the intelligence of the Fingerprint scanner system with their sturdiness and strength.



Checking what powers the system is also a good idea. There are a whole range of systems available that may draw their power from batteries or that could be connected to your main power supply.





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1 review for DL580 Ultraloq Bluetooth Door Lock

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ian Smith

    Great Product ! Easy to install. Has both keypad and fingerprint unlocking features.

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