Smart Door Locks for Added Family Security

Smart Door Locks

Family security should be an ongoing concern.If you have kids, they may be running in and out of the house, which may leave one or more of your doors unlocked without you knowing it.

One of easiest ways to feel secure in your own home is to keep the doors locked and to use top-grade door locks. Protect your home and family by installing electronic smart door locks. To choose the right door locks for your home, consider how and where you will use them. Then think about the level of security needed for each particular door.

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For the doors you use most often, choose ANSI Grade 1 deadbolts for optimal security. You might want to install deadbolts on every entry door to your house. Grade 1 deadbolt locks offer professional grade security with the biggest adjustable bolt available. Deadbolts with keyed entry from both sides can enhance security for doors with panel glass.

For exterior doors that get a lot of use by children, babysitters, housecleaners, and so on, you might want to consider keyless door locks or electronic locks. There are no keys to lose, and you avoid the risk of hiding a key outside. And if you need to travel, you can add, change, or delete user codes in seconds.

smart door locks

Adding Extras For Your Family Security:

Adding extra security to your home with electronic security locks is easy. Electronic smart door locks are easy and quick to install.

In addition to upgrading your door locks, consider installing  electronic door peepholes. This will allow you to see who the visitor is before opening the door.

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Forget about having to rely on the out of focus, distorted images of a traditional door peephole.  Digital peepholes will give you a whole new preview of who is at your door and give you a view that challenges most point and shoot digital cameras.


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