How To Spy On A Babysitter or Nanny

How to Spy on a Babysitter or Nanny

Here is the scenario; you find a bruise on your child or they have been dropping hints that their nanny or babysitter is causing them harm. What should you do? If you suspect that your child’s life is in danger, take action immediately. This should involve firing your nanny or babysitter. Next, talk to your child. Children old enough to explain abuse will, as long as they know it is wrong. If you just have a nagging feeling, but no proof, you can spy on your nanny or babysitter. You can use a number of spy gadgets. What are they?

A nanny camera. Hidden cameras marketed as nanny cams are just like traditional hidden cameras. The difference is they tend to have a kid’s theme. Since the individual in question is babysitting, no suspicion is aroused. It is common to find nanny cams inside baby monitors, stuffed animals, picture frames, and pillows. Most nanny cams record to a built-in hard drive and others are equipped with remote viewing.

A remote accessed webcam. Do you have a computer in the room that your child spends time with their nanny? If so, use a webcam that can be accessed and viewed from a remote location. Many modern webcams now have these features. For that reason, check your computer’s camera before buying new. Even if your nanny spends time with your child in other rooms, there are still benefits to using this device. It should pickup audio, especially screaming from a nearby room.

Hidden audio recorders. Hidden audio recorders also come in a number of formats. They can be installed in most household devices, such as air fresheners, stuffed animals, and pens. If you have the money, buy the above mentioned nanny cam. Most provide users with both video and sound. A cheaper alternative is to use a baby monitor. You are not home to listen, but hide a digital video recorder near the listening device. Your nanny will think nothing of seeing a baby monitor on the table. After all, you are a parent. They will not know there is a recording device at the other end.

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In addition to using the above mentioned devices, there are other steps you can take to spy on a nanny or babysitter. One of those involves coming home early. Your babysitter knows you arrive home each afternoon at 4:30. Leave work early and arrive home, unexpected, at 2. Access the situation. What was your nanny or babysitter doing? Was she near your child? Is your child in distress? If you cannot leave work early, enlist the help of a friend or family member. In fact, this also allows you to test your provider’s ability to care for your child. Did they let a stranger inside the house?

When using spy gadgets to spy on a nanny or babysitter, always consider state laws. Usually, there are exceptions for nanny cams, especially if you suspect danger. Moreover, if your child is cared for in your home, it is your personal right to install a camera or audio recorder. Do avoid private areas like the bathroom. In their own home, your paid provider has the right to expect privacy, but not on the job and in yours.

In short, if you know your babysitter or nanny is causing your child harm, take action immediately. Do not wait until you get proof on camera. If you just have that nagging feeling, use some of the above mentioned tools. They always say a mother’s first instinct is right.

Another alternative spy device is  a door camera and fingerprint door lock.

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camera smart door lock

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