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Don’t Discount Kids Toys as Spy Gadgets

When adults look to buy spy gadgets, they usually have a purpose. You may be trying to catch someone in your family doing illegal activities, a creepy neighbor breaking into your home, or a cheating spouse. Spy gadgets are easy to find online, but they can be costly. There are many ways to reduce their costs, such as buying used, price comparing, and looking for sales. Even still, if you are operating on a strict budget, buying spy gadgets may be impossible. In that instance, don’t discount kids toys.

It is no secret that international and private spies are cool, especially to kids. They all go through the stages where they want to grow up and be something cool in life, like a spy. For that reason, there are many kid’s toys available for sale that work as spy gadgets and they can help you accomplish your goal. For one, they are usually cheaper. Better yet, if you get caught, say you were testing the toy before giving it to your child or a family friend.

As nice as it is to hear that some kid’s toys can double as spy gadgets for adults, what are they and how can you use them?

Spy pens for kids. The only difference between spy pens for adult and kids is usually the recording time. Video recording is rare and the time available for audio recording is shorter. The price is usually cheaper though. What is nice about these types of pens is that you can give them to your child when you are done. The pens write too, meaning you can actually use them.

Spy pens for kids come in a number of different formats. One popular device is the Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Pen X-2. It comes with a lockable carrying case, an attachable scope for long-distance viewing, a voice recorder, and an LED light. This light creates a circle around the pen, enabling to you rummage through drawers or write in the dark.

Spy sun glasses for kids. When buying spy sun glasses for kids, you want to proceed with caution. It is best to buy these glasses locally or read reviews online first. You want glasses that are designed for teenagers, as they are more likely to fit on your head. You also want glasses that actually work, as opposed to those that are a part of a spy dress up set.

Spy sun glasses for kids come in a number of different formats. Your best option is to purchase those with rear view vision. One product, BWacky Rear View Sunglasses sells for less than $5 on average. Online reviews state these products worked great. 

Night vision goggles for kids. The biggest benefit of buying night vision goggles for kids is the price. Yes, the quality isn’t as great as those designed for adults, but the price difference will astound you. On average, you can purchase working night goggles for kinds for less than $50. For adults, they usually sell for hundreds of dollars. Night vision goggles are ideal when trying to catch someone in the dark, like a cheating spouse or a neighbor entering your home.

When buying night vision goggles online read reviews first. Some devices have a green shield that lights up too. This means you are easy to spot when the goggles are activated. Reviews online stated that the Discovery Light Vision Goggles are adjustable. Parents who bought this toy for their child could also use it. A great alternative is night scopes, like the Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Scope, as you hold the device in front of you. You dont strap it to your head. 

While you are at it, see if you can dig up that old baby monitor from when your child was a little one. If you can’t, head to the store. Most standard model baby monitors sell for $20 or less.

What do you do with a baby monitor? It enables you to listen in on conversations. Do you suspect your teenager daughter is using the phone late at night to communicate with someone she met online? Do you suspect your husband is cheating on you because he always goes into another room to talk on his cell phone? If so, hide a baby monitor in that room. Use batteries instead of a power cord, as this makes the monitor easier to hide. The base, which you will use to listen to conversations, can be turned off throughout the day, but always keeping the monitor picking up sounds turned on.

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